LEZ mit ein bisschen CSS verfeinert
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WebExtension improving the Lösungseinzugszentrale of KIT via CSS. Contains only usable improvements for tutors.

This project is not officially supported by KIT or any other institutions assigned to KIT.


Mozilla Firefox

Download the addon from here, go to the Addon Manager and select Install addon From File ....

Note: Addon is checked & signed by Mozilla, see Validation Result.

Google Chrome

Clone the repository to your computer and install the extension in your browser as temporary / unpacked extension.

See https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/tut_debugging


  • Enable horizontal scrollbars
  • Monospace fonts for numbers / checksums
  • Improves review table
    • Hides names of students (keeps the students number)
    • Swaps red background with orange border (indicating an invalid points value)
  • Improves solution table
    • Hides status column (status indicated by color by default)



Released under MIT License, see file LICENSE.


CSS Injection Code inspired by https://github.com/iamdiogo/DarkCloud (also released under MIT).