Updated 2 days ago

youtube-dl Mirror

Updated 1 week ago

Mirror of mitogen

Updated 1 month ago

Python Library for Enjo Core & Modules

Updated 4 months ago

Self-written Python HTTP Server to manage to view / viewed / ignored YouTube and/or youtube-dl compatible videos / playlists

Updated 9 months ago

Ansible Playbook for Servers of BananaNetwork

Updated 2 years ago

Python library for TinyTinyRSS API - Mirror of https://github.com/Zocker1999NET/tinytinypy

Updated 2 years ago

Single file python script for managing a directory containing scanned documents

Updated 2 years ago

Simulation environment for attacks on computer networks

Updated 2 years ago

Thin wrapper around ZFS

Updated 3 years ago

Python 3 module which allows applications to cache function values based on the function name and arguments, especially for their application. It is only dependent on internal Python modules (it can utilize pyxdg, but does not require it).

Updated 3 years ago

Configures your local sources.list to adapt to a running approx proxy

Updated 4 years ago