Roundcubemail plugin to have identities managed by PostfixAdmin for BananaNetwork - to apply required patches before release or release in async to the official version
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Roundcubemail plugin to have identities managed by postfixAdmin.

Installation and usage

Unpack the files into plugins/postfixadmin_user_identities. Add 'postfixadmin_user_identities' to your plugin array in your config/ I.e. like this:

$config['plugins'] = array('postfixadmin_user_identities');

Then you can create your own configuration file specifiying the database connection as well as the structure of the table. Since the latter should be the same for every recent postfixAdmin setup, you probably only need to specify the database. So a very simple configuration file located under plugins/postfixadmin_user_identities/ could look like this:


// ----------------------------------
// ----------------------------------
// Similar to the $config['db_dsnw'] config variable, this is a
// database connection string (DSN) for read operations.
// For examples see
$config['postfixadmin_user_identities_db_dsnr'] = 'mysql://<postfix-db-user>:<postfix-db-pass>@<postfix-db-hostname>/<postfix-db-name>';

All other available configuration parameters can be found in plugins/postfixadmin_user_identities/