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Simon Sawicki f9fb3ce86e
[cleanup] Misc (#8598)
Authored by: bashonly, pukkandan, seproDev, Grub4K

Co-authored-by: bashonly <>
Co-authored-by: pukkandan <>
Co-authored-by: sepro <>
7 months ago
pukkandan b6dc37fe2a
[test] Convert warnings into errors
* And fix some existing warnings

Authored by: fstirlitz
2 years ago
Pccode66 7a5c1cfe93
Completely change project name to yt-dlp (#85)
* All modules and binary names are changed
* All documentation references changed
* yt-dlp no longer loads youtube-dlc config files
* All URLs changed to point to organization account

Co-authored-by: Pccode66
Co-authored-by: pukkandan
3 years ago