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pukkandan 131d132da5
[build] Make sure deprecated modules are added 2 months ago
pukkandan acb1042a9f
[devscripts] Provide pyinstaller hooks
Closes #6185
8 months ago
pukkandan e9df3d42c4
[build] Add minimal `pyproject.toml` 9 months ago
Sergey dc3028d233
[build] `py2exe`: Migrate to freeze API (#5149)
Closes #5135
Authored by: SG5, pukkandan
11 months ago
bashonly 4a61501db9
[extractor/anvato] Fix extractor and refactor (#5074)
Authored by: bashonly
12 months ago
Lesmiscore 460eb9c50e
[build] Exclude devscripts from installs
Closes #4667
1 year ago
pukkandan 115add4387
[devscripts] Create `utils` and refactor 1 year ago
pukkandan 6929b41a21
Remove Python 3.6 support
Closes #3764
1 year ago
pukkandan 7b84d6f9b3
[build] Improve ``
Closes #4296
1 year ago
pukkandan 54007a45f1
[cleanup] Consistent style for file heads 1 year ago
pukkandan 56ba69e4c9
[cleanup] Misc fixes
Closes #4027
1 year ago
pukkandan c487cf0010
[cleanup] Misc 1 year ago
pukkandan 0a41f331cc
[doc] Minor improvements
Closes #3518, Closes #3560
1 year ago
pukkandan c171445431
[cleanup,build] Cleanup some build-related code
Fixes an issue in 7ab56be2c7
1 year ago
pukkandan 7ab56be2c7
[build] Ensure `compat._legacy` is packed in executables
Fixes 9196cbfe8b (commitcomment-72192406)
1 year ago
pukkandan f82711587c
[cleanup] Sort imports

    isort -m VERTICAL_HANGING_INDENT --py 36 -l 80 --rr -n --tc .
1 year ago
pukkandan 86e5f3ed2e
[cleanup] Upgrade syntax

1. `__future__` imports and `coding: utf-8` were removed
2. Files were rewritten with `pyupgrade --py36-plus --keep-percent-format`
3. f-strings were cherry-picked from `pyupgrade --py36-plus`

Extractors are left untouched (except removing header) to avoid unnecessary merge conflicts
1 year ago
pukkandan aee6ce5867
[build] Fix bug in 08d30158ec 2 years ago
pukkandan 08d30158ec
[cleanup, docs] Misc cleanup
Closes #2828, closes #2734, closes #2802, closes #2937
2 years ago
coletdev 4390d5ec12
Add brotli content-encoding support (#2433)
Authored by: coletdjnz
2 years ago
pukkandan 96565c7e55
[cleanup] Add keyword automatically to SearchIE descriptions
and some minor cleanup of docs
2 years ago
pukkandan 386cdfdb5b
[build] Release windows exe built with py2exe
Closes: #855
Related: #661, #705, #890, #1024, #1160
2 years ago
pukkandan b5ae35ee6d
[cleanup] Misc cleanup 2 years ago
pukkandan 49e7e9c3ce
[docs,build] Change all pycryptodome references to pycryptodomex 2 years ago
pukkandan 5d535b4a55
[build] Allow building with py2exe (and misc fixes)
py2exe config is copied from youtube-dl
Closes #1160
2 years ago
pukkandan e36d50c5dd
[websockets] Add `WebSocketFragmentFD` (#399)
Necessary for #392

Co-authored by: nao20010128nao, pukkandan
2 years ago
felix cc52de4356
[cleanup] Point all shebang to `python3` (#372)
Authored by: fstirlitz
2 years ago
pukkandan 14b17a551f
Remove support for obsolete python versions 2 years ago
pukkandan cc1dfc9373
[cleanup] 2 years ago
pukkandan e28f1c0ae8
[cleanup] Fix linter and some typos
* Also remove inconsistent use of `"` in
2 years ago
hseg da7f321e93
Fix packaging bugs (#129)
* Autogenerate `AUTHORS`
* Fix `` using wrong completion files
* Complete `ChangeLog` -> `` rename
* Make `make tar` respect DESTDIR
* Remove `bin/` `yt-dlp` and `docs/` from tar and sdist
* Make `pypi-files` build all files needed for `python`
* Add `completions` alias
* Add `devscripts/` and `` to pip sdist
* Remove `man` target
* Remove `README.txt` from sdist
* Make `clean` more granular
* Move aliases to top

Authored by: hseg <>
3 years ago
hseg 359d6d8650 Fix completion paths, zsh pip completion install
Closes: #108, #110
3 years ago
pukkandan 0744a815b7 [documentation] Changes left behind from #85 and #107 3 years ago
Pccode66 7a5c1cfe93
Completely change project name to yt-dlp (#85)
* All modules and binary names are changed
* All documentation references changed
* yt-dlp no longer loads youtube-dlc config files
* All URLs changed to point to organization account

Co-authored-by: Pccode66
Co-authored-by: pukkandan
3 years ago
shirt-dev 5d25607a3a
#75 Change optional dependency from `Crypto` to `pycryptodome` (Closes #74)
Authored-by: shirtjs <> (shirt-dev)

pycryptodome is an in-place replacement for Crypto and is more actively developed
3 years ago
pukkandan 06ff212d64 [documentation] Crypto is an optional dependency 3 years ago
pukkandan e38df8f9fa Refactor `update-version`, `` and related files
* Refactor update-version
* Moved pyinst, update-version and icon into devscripts
* pyinst doesn't bump version anymore
* Merge pyinst and pyinst32. Usage: ` [32|64]`
* Add mutagen as requirement
* Remove make_win and related files
3 years ago
pukkandan 66c935fb16 Linter and misc cleanup
:ci skip dl
3 years ago
pukkandan 7bc877a20d Add PyPI release 3 years ago
pukkandan 17fa3ee25f Documentation fixes
* Change all links to point to new fork URL
* Changed sponskrub links to my fork of the same
* Other typos
3 years ago
pukkandan c76eb41bb9 Preparing for release 3 years ago
Unknown 5db4014b23 [skip travis] readme and pypi update 3 years ago
Sergey Alirzaev 6515018dd7
Don't install tests 3 years ago
Unknown 3ca3f77f9c [skip travis] adding automerge support
basically copying content of youtube_dl folder to youtube_dlc and excluding the youtube_dl folder when compiling
3 years ago
Unknown 58ac65e7ed [skip travis] fix broken 3 years ago
Unknown 3fba008111 [skip travis] tweaks 3 years ago
Unknown cefecac12c [skip travis] renaming
to avoid using same folder when using pip install for example
3 years ago
Unknown 94a538facb [skip travis] update setup and version 3 years ago
Sergey M․ 067aa17edf
Start moving to ytdl-org 5 years ago
Sergey M․ 157eef3e63
[] Add python 3.8 classifier 5 years ago