[update] Add option `--update-to`, including to nightly (#6220)

* By default, stable will only update to stable, and nightly to nightly

Authored by: Grub4K, bashonly, pukkandan

Co-authored-by: bashonly <88596187+bashonly@users.noreply.github.com>
Simon Sawicki 1 year ago committed by pukkandan
parent 29cb20bd56
commit 77df20f14c
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@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ You can also find lists of all [contributors of yt-dlp](CONTRIBUTORS) and [autho
## [bashonly](https://github.com/bashonly)
* `--update-to`, automated release, nightly builds
* `--cookies-from-browser` support for Firefox containers
* Added support for new websites Genius, Kick, NBCStations, Triller, VideoKen etc
* Improved/fixed support for Anvato, Brightcove, Instagram, ParamountPlus, Reddit, SlidesLive, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo etc
@ -65,5 +66,6 @@ You can also find lists of all [contributors of yt-dlp](CONTRIBUTORS) and [autho
[![ko-fi](https://img.shields.io/badge/_-Ko--fi-red.svg?logo=kofi&labelColor=555555&style=for-the-badge)](https://ko-fi.com/Grub4K) [![gh-sponsor](https://img.shields.io/badge/_-Github-red.svg?logo=github&labelColor=555555&style=for-the-badge)](https://github.com/sponsors/Grub4K)
* `--update-to`, automated release, nightly builds
* Rework internals like `traverse_obj`, various core refactors and bugs fixes
* Helped fix crunchyroll, Twitter, wrestleuniverse, wistia, slideslive etc

@ -120,7 +120,9 @@ yt-dlp is a [youtube-dl](https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl) fork based on t
* **Plugins**: Extractors and PostProcessors can be loaded from an external file. See [plugins](#plugins) for details
* **Self-updater**: The releases can be updated using `yt-dlp -U`
* **Self updater**: The releases can be updated using `yt-dlp -U`, and downgraded using `--update-to` if required
* **Nightly builds**: [Automated nightly builds](#update-channels) can be used with `--update-to nightly`
See [changelog](Changelog.md) or [commits](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/commits) for the full list of changes
@ -187,6 +189,20 @@ If you [installed with PIP](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/wiki/Installation#w
For other third-party package managers, see [the wiki](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/wiki/Installation#third-party-package-managers) or refer their documentation
<a id="update-channels"/>
There are currently two release channels for binaries, `stable` and `nightly`.
`stable` releases are what the program will update to by default, and have had many of their changes tested by users of the master branch.
`nightly` releases are built after each push to the master branch, and will have the most recent fixes and additions, but also have the potential for bugs.
The latest `nightly` is available as a [pre-release from this repository](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/releases/tag/nightly), and all `nightly` releases are [archived in their own repo](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp-nightly-builds/releases).
When using `--update`/`-U`, a release binary will only update to its current channel.
This release channel can be changed by using the `--update-to` option. `--update-to` can also be used to upgrade or downgrade to specific tags from a channel.
Example usage:
* `yt-dlp --update-to nightly` change to `nightly` channel and update to its latest release
* `yt-dlp --update-to stable@2023.02.17` upgrade/downgrade to release to `stable` channel tag `2023.02.17`
* `yt-dlp --update-to 2023.01.06` upgrade/downgrade to tag `2023.01.06` if it exists on the current channel
@ -335,6 +351,11 @@ If you fork the project on GitHub, you can run your fork's [build workflow](.git
--version Print program version and exit
-U, --update Update this program to the latest version
--no-update Do not check for updates (default)
--update-to [CHANNEL]@[TAG] Upgrade/downgrade to a specific version.
CHANNEL and TAG defaults to "stable" and
"latest" respectively if ommited; See
"UPDATE" for details. Supported channels:
stable, nightly
-i, --ignore-errors Ignore download and postprocessing errors.
The download will be considered successful
even if the postprocessing fails

@ -931,7 +931,7 @@ def _real_main(argv=None):
if opts.rm_cachedir:
updater = Updater(ydl)
updater = Updater(ydl, opts.update_self if isinstance(opts.update_self, str) else None)
if opts.update_self and updater.update() and actual_use:
if updater.cmd:
return updater.restart()

@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ from .postprocessor import (
from .postprocessor.modify_chapters import DEFAULT_SPONSORBLOCK_CHAPTER_TITLE
from .update import detect_variant, is_non_updateable
from .update import UPDATE_SOURCES, detect_variant, is_non_updateable
from .utils import (
@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ from .utils import (
from .version import __version__
from .version import CHANNEL, __version__
def parseOpts(overrideArguments=None, ignore_config_files='if_override'):
@ -326,11 +326,18 @@ def create_parser():
action='store_true', dest='update_self',
is_non_updateable(), None, 'Check if updates are available. %s',
default='Update this program to the latest version'))
default=f'Update this program to the latest {CHANNEL} version'))
action='store_false', dest='update_self',
help='Do not check for updates (default)')
action='store', dest='update_self', metavar='[CHANNEL]@[TAG]',
'Upgrade/downgrade to a specific version. CHANNEL and TAG defaults to '
f'"{CHANNEL}" and "latest" respectively if ommited; See "UPDATE" for details. '
f'Supported channels: {", ".join(UPDATE_SOURCES)}'))
'-i', '--ignore-errors',
action='store_true', dest='ignoreerrors',

@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ import platform
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import urllib.error
from zipimport import zipimporter
from .compat import functools # isort: split
@ -16,15 +17,26 @@ from .utils import (
from .version import UPDATE_HINT, VARIANT, __version__
from .version import CHANNEL, UPDATE_HINT, VARIANT, __version__
REPOSITORY = 'yt-dlp/yt-dlp'
API_URL = f'https://api.github.com/repos/{REPOSITORY}/releases'
'stable': 'yt-dlp/yt-dlp',
'nightly': 'yt-dlp/yt-dlp-nightly-builds',
_VERSION_RE = re.compile(r'(\d+\.)*\d+')
API_BASE_URL = 'https://api.github.com/repos'
# Backwards compatibility variables for the current channel
@ -110,49 +122,99 @@ def _sha256_file(path):
class Updater:
def __init__(self, ydl):
_exact = True
def __init__(self, ydl, target=None):
self.ydl = ydl
self.target_channel, sep, self.target_tag = (target or CHANNEL).rpartition('@')
if not sep and self.target_tag in UPDATE_SOURCES: # stable => stable@latest
self.target_channel, self.target_tag = self.target_tag, None
elif not self.target_channel:
self.target_channel = CHANNEL
if not self.target_tag:
self.target_tag, self._exact = 'latest', False
elif self.target_tag != 'latest':
self.target_tag = f'tags/{self.target_tag}'
def _target_repo(self):
return UPDATE_SOURCES[self.target_channel]
except KeyError:
return self._report_error(
f'Invalid update channel {self.target_channel!r} requested. '
f'Valid channels are {", ".join(UPDATE_SOURCES)}', True)
def _version_compare(self, a, b, channel=CHANNEL):
if channel != self.target_channel:
return False
if _VERSION_RE.fullmatch(f'{a}.{b}'):
a, b = version_tuple(a), version_tuple(b)
return a == b if self._exact else a >= b
return a == b
def _tag(self):
if version_tuple(__version__) >= version_tuple(self.latest_version):
return 'latest'
if self._version_compare(self.current_version, self.latest_version):
return self.target_tag
identifier = f'{detect_variant()} {system_identifier()}'
identifier = f'{detect_variant()} {self.target_channel} {system_identifier()}'
for line in self._download('_update_spec', 'latest').decode().splitlines():
if not line.startswith('lock '):
_, tag, pattern = line.split(' ', 2)
if re.match(pattern, identifier):
return f'tags/{tag}'
return 'latest'
if not self._exact:
return f'tags/{tag}'
elif self.target_tag == 'latest' or not self._version_compare(
tag, self.target_tag[5:], channel=self.target_channel):
f'yt-dlp cannot be updated above {tag} since you are on an older Python version', True)
return f'tags/{self.current_version}'
return self.target_tag
def _get_version_info(self, tag):
self.ydl.write_debug(f'Fetching release info: {API_URL}/{tag}')
return json.loads(self.ydl.urlopen(f'{API_URL}/{tag}').read().decode())
url = f'{API_BASE_URL}/{self._target_repo}/releases/{tag}'
self.ydl.write_debug(f'Fetching release info: {url}')
return json.loads(self.ydl.urlopen(sanitized_Request(url, headers={
'Accept': 'application/vnd.github+json',
'User-Agent': 'yt-dlp',
'X-GitHub-Api-Version': '2022-11-28',
def current_version(self):
"""Current version"""
return __version__
def _label(channel, tag):
"""Label for a given channel and tag"""
return f'{channel}@{remove_start(tag, "tags/")}'
def _get_actual_tag(self, tag):
if tag.startswith('tags/'):
return tag[5:]
return self._get_version_info(tag)['tag_name']
def new_version(self):
"""Version of the latest release we can update to"""
if self._tag.startswith('tags/'):
return self._tag[5:]
return self._get_version_info(self._tag)['tag_name']
return self._get_actual_tag(self._tag)
def latest_version(self):
"""Version of the latest release"""
return self._get_version_info('latest')['tag_name']
"""Version of the target release"""
return self._get_actual_tag(self.target_tag)
def has_update(self):
"""Whether there is an update available"""
return version_tuple(__version__) < version_tuple(self.new_version)
return not self._version_compare(self.current_version, self.new_version)
def filename(self):
@ -160,10 +222,8 @@ class Updater:
return compat_realpath(_get_variant_and_executable_path()[1])
def _download(self, name, tag):
url = traverse_obj(self._get_version_info(tag), (
'assets', lambda _, v: v['name'] == name, 'browser_download_url'), get_all=False)
if not url:
raise Exception('Unable to find download URL')
slug = 'latest/download' if tag == 'latest' else f'download/{tag[5:]}'
url = f'https://github.com/{self._target_repo}/releases/{slug}/{name}'
self.ydl.write_debug(f'Downloading {name} from {url}')
return self.ydl.urlopen(url).read()
@ -186,24 +246,32 @@ class Updater:
self._report_error(f'Unable to write to {file}; Try running as administrator', True)
def _report_network_error(self, action, delim=';'):
self._report_error(f'Unable to {action}{delim} Visit https://github.com/{REPOSITORY}/releases/latest', True)
f'Unable to {action}{delim} visit '
f'https://github.com/{self._target_repo}/releases/{self.target_tag.replace("tags/", "tag/")}', True)
def check_update(self):
"""Report whether there is an update available"""
if not self._target_repo:
return False
f'Latest version: {self.latest_version}, Current version: {self.current_version}')
if not self.has_update:
if self._tag == 'latest':
return self.ydl.to_screen(f'yt-dlp is up to date ({__version__})')
return self.ydl.report_warning(
'yt-dlp cannot be updated any further since you are on an older Python version')
f'Available version: {self._label(self.target_channel, self.latest_version)}, ' if self.target_tag == 'latest' else ''
) + f'Current version: {self._label(CHANNEL, self.current_version)}')
except Exception:
return self._report_network_error('obtain version info', delim='; Please try again later or')
if not is_non_updateable():
self.ydl.to_screen(f'Current Build Hash {_sha256_file(self.filename)}')
return True
self.ydl.to_screen(f'Current Build Hash: {_sha256_file(self.filename)}')
if self.has_update:
return True
if self.target_tag == self._tag:
self.ydl.to_screen(f'yt-dlp is up to date ({self._label(CHANNEL, self.current_version)})')
elif not self._exact:
self.ydl.report_warning('yt-dlp cannot be updated any further since you are on an older Python version')
return False
def update(self):
"""Update yt-dlp executable to the latest version"""
@ -212,7 +280,10 @@ class Updater:
err = is_non_updateable()
if err:
return self._report_error(err, True)
self.ydl.to_screen(f'Updating to version {self.new_version} ...')
self.ydl.to_screen(f'Updating to {self._label(self.target_channel, self.new_version)} ...')
if (_VERSION_RE.fullmatch(self.target_tag[5:])
and version_tuple(self.target_tag[5:]) < (2023, 3, 2)):
self.ydl.report_warning('You are downgrading to a version without --update-to')
directory = os.path.dirname(self.filename)
if not os.access(self.filename, os.W_OK):
@ -232,10 +303,11 @@ class Updater:
newcontent = self._download(self.release_name, self._tag)
except OSError:
return self._report_network_error('download latest version')
except Exception:
return self._report_network_error('fetch updates')
except Exception as e:
if isinstance(e, urllib.error.HTTPError) and e.code == 404:
return self._report_error(
f'The requested tag {self._label(self.target_channel, self.target_tag)} does not exist', True)
return self._report_network_error(f'fetch updates: {e}')
expected_hash = self.release_hash
@ -280,7 +352,7 @@ class Updater:
return self._report_error(
f'Unable to set permissions. Run: sudo chmod a+rx {compat_shlex_quote(self.filename)}')
self.ydl.to_screen(f'Updated yt-dlp to version {self.new_version}')
self.ydl.to_screen(f'Updated yt-dlp to {self._label(self.target_channel, self.new_version)}')
return True
@ -346,3 +418,6 @@ def update_self(to_screen, verbose, opener):
return opener.open(url)
return run_update(FakeYDL())
__all__ = ['Updater']

@ -7,3 +7,5 @@ RELEASE_GIT_HEAD = 'a0a7c0154'
CHANNEL = 'stable'