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dirkf 668332b973 [YouPorn] Add playlist extractors
* YouPornCategoryIE
* YouPornChannelIE
* YouPornCollectionIE
* YouPornStarIE
* YouPornTagIE
* YouPornVideosIE,
1 month ago
downloader [external/FFmpeg] Fix and improve --ffmpeg-location handling 2 months ago
extractor [YouPorn] Add playlist extractors 1 month ago
postprocessor [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Fix finding ffprobe (bug in 21792b8) 1 month ago [core] Fix format string injection for metadata JSON filename message. 6 months ago [workflows/ci.yml] Restore test support for Py 3.2 11 months ago [refactor] Single quotes consistency 8 years ago [netease] Get netease music download url through player api (#31235) 2 years ago [compat] Use `compat_open()` 10 months ago [compat] Fix casefold import __all__ syntax in a19855f 1 year ago [downloader/external] Fix "Resource Warning" in downloader test 2 months ago [test] Fixes for old Pythons 10 months ago [doc] Warn against setting cookies with --add-header 10 months ago [socks] Report errors elegantly when credentails are required but missing 7 years ago [utils] Avoid comparing `type(var)`, etc, to pass new Linter rules 10 months ago [build] Extend use of `devscripts/utils` 10 months ago [utils] Fix crash in _report_ignoring_subs from c58b655 (#32762) 2 months ago release 2021.12.17 2 years ago