logtail: remove unncessary response read

Effectively reverts #249, since the server side was fixed (with #251?)
to send a 200 OK/content-length 0 response.

Signed-off-by: Mihai Parparita <mihai@tailscale.com>
Mihai Parparita 1 year ago committed by Mihai Parparita
parent ce99474317
commit a2be1aabfa

@ -463,14 +463,6 @@ func (l *Logger) upload(ctx context.Context, body []byte, origlen int) (uploaded
return uploaded, fmt.Errorf("log upload of %d bytes %s failed %d: %q", len(body), compressedNote, resp.StatusCode, b)
// Try to read to EOF, in case server's response is
// chunked. We want to reuse the TCP connection if it's
// HTTP/1. On success, we expect 0 bytes.
// TODO(bradfitz): can remove a few days after 2020-04-04 once
// server is fixed.
if resp.ContentLength == -1 {
resp.Body.Read(make([]byte, 1))
return true, nil